Dr. Marina Kostina Presents


Adam Cole


Adam Cole helps people to transform book by book, using The Feldenkrais Method. The Feldenkrais Method gives participants enhanced access to the the body schema, the internal proprioceptive map of our body.


Experiments have shown that our internal map is not always accurate, and that we can have a deformed image of ourselves.  These inaccuracies can cause us to work too hard at tasks rather than with the ideal efficiency, or even to use our body incorrectly, leading to injury.

Through the Method, we have a chance to realign our body image and body schema, regaining our inherent balance, stability and alignment. Adam uses his knowledge of this Method to work with people on their performance, presentation and communication skills.  He has maintained his Certification since he completed the four-year training in 2000 and serves on the editorial board of the Feldenkrais Journal.   


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hosted by Dr. Marina Kostina