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It IS possible to experience JOY Regardless of Circumstance. I am living proof, and I teach what I live.
The first time I died I was 15 years old. I flew off a cliff on a motorbike and was declared dead on the operating table for two and a half minutes. 
I had the whole NDE before it was fashionable. I have no fear of Death.
Back in ICU I was told I’d never walk again, my doctor wanted to amputate my leg.
I told him I’d not only walk, I’d dance on his grave.
Within seven years I was a medal-winning ballroom dancer 
I overcame a pain killer addiction – after my 2nd overdose. 

I become a highly successful top level business executive in New Zealand. 

I re-created myself as JOY to remind myself of what I chose to embody. My passion became psychoneuroimmunology: How the way we think affects our physical health and well being. I began a healing and metaphysical practice.

In the new millennium I received a spiritual calling to travel the world, teaching the best of what I had learned. My passion for the last 20 years has been collecting ‘emPOWERment tools’: Skills and techniques to live more JOYfully and less stressfully in 3 minutes or less, and how to experience JOY regardless of circumstance


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