Dr. Marina Kostina Presents


Kelli Miller


I'm here to help you as quickly as I can. Yes, I believe long-term therapy has its benefits, but when you are feeling low or in a relationship crisis, I want to help you immediately with tools so you can start to feel better sooner rather than later. Since 2002, I've worked with adults, adolescents, couples, & families. I’m an award winning author and hosted the radio show "The Dr. Debra and Therapist Kelli" show on LA Talk Radio. I have written the books: “Professor Kelli’s Guide to Finding a Husband” (Lulu, 2010) and “Thriving with ADHD: Workbook for Kids” (Callisto Media 2018). Most of my work has centered on relationships, depression, stress, addiction, anxiety, career, sexuality, any type of trauma, infertility, & parenting. But I work with anyone who wants to better themselves or their situation.  I also do sessions remotely via Skype.   


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hosted by Dr. Marina Kostina