Dr. Marina Kostina Presents


Alexis Pierce

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Alexis is an award-winning strategist, soul activator, author, and founder of BecomingYOUniversity. Like many people, I spent years trying to create more joy, meaning, and purpose in my life. What I discovered is that connection is the key that unlocks the door to your happiness - connection to your heart, your soul's truth, your greater Source, and our shared community.  
Now I help the world's most successful people find inner peace and purpose - to learn who you are, how to be present with yourself, and how to BE the calm, happy, content person you know you're meant to be. You get the best of all of my skills - years as an award-winning strategist in the U.S. government, 10+ years teaching yoga and meditation, and 6 years of soul coaching - to help you root your life in genuine joy and meaning. This is your path to inner freedom.


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hosted by Dr. Marina Kostina