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Yuri Kruman

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Yuri is a corporate HR Strategy/Organization Design Consultant and expert on the Employee Experience (EX), board member, startup advisor and official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, as well as contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business.com, Influencive and numerous other top platforms.

Yuri's consulting, advising and coaching portfolio includes speaking engagements, workshops and advisory work on personal + professional development focused on Employee Experience (EX), HR Transformation / Change Management, Customer Experience (CX), PR/Media and business strategy, impacting thousands of Fortune 500 and startup executives. He is the author of the just-published book, "What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life" (Business Expert Press, March 2019) and has spoken at Google, UPenn, Columbia, NYU and 2020 Startups, among many others.


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