Dr. Marina Kostina Presents


Jacqueline Pirtle

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I serve my clients as a holistic practitioner, a healing arts teacher-mentor – with a unique passion as an ambassador for mindful happiness – and author of the best-seller 365 Days of Happiness

I was born and raised in beautiful Switzerland, then lived all over the world, calling the United States of America my home now, together with my family.

Like so many higher vibe beings that choose to BE here NOW with a healing purpose, I too have had a path that can be felt as physically or emotionally painful—childhood, relationships, and many of these ups and downs. I refuse to be limited by any idea that looks like a physical fixed space and don’t ever feel held or glued into yesterday’s story, because I know that I am new every single moment. My truth is that I am called to tap into my spiritual connection every single day, and that I know I am being amplified. Everything in the rearview has nothing to do with this day, other than it was an experience that has led me here.


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hosted by Dr. Marina Kostina